The Undefined Subroutine Called DBD::mysql::db::_login

Although this blog may look more moribund than it has for a while, for the past month there’s been a reason for it...

An error occurred

Said error message appearing every time I tried to login to post. I actually posted the last entry by hand while waiting on a fix, which is no way to blog in 2013. Then I was away for ten days, and the problem still wasn’t fixed on my return, thanks to my support requests getting lost in the ether. But at last it’s sorted, and here we are.

Meanwhile, I have not one but two (or even three; no, hang on, four) major batches of photos to sort through and write about from this latest trip and from earlier trips in April. Digital photography is a mixed blessing. Dumping more links here instead is looking tempting.

23 July 2013 · Site News