It’s almost eighteen months since I reposted any of my Popular comments here, mainly because there haven’t been many; Tom Ewing’s pace slowed as he slogged through 1993 and 1994, hardly the finest years of UK number ones. My few comments were usually on songs I’d never heard before, which more often than not had been a blessing. (One example: “Now that I’ve voted on it, seeing ‘You say: 1’ feels like words are being put into my mouth, to the tune of 1.”)

But a few entries yielded longer thoughts, most recently as we’ve entered a chart era that promises to get me commenting more again...

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The Rejection Slip.

I was swallowed by a hippo.

London in 1927.

Southern slavery lasted until World War II.

Miyoko Shida’s incredible powers of concentration.

The Guardian on the Dunalley bushfire.

What if you’d bought Apple shares instead of a PowerBook in 2003?

Here’s that bad advice you were hoping for.

Fitzcardboardaldo (and The Corrugation of Dreams).

Anatomy of the Star Wars logo.

Teddy Has an Operation.

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