If I Haver

My last mammoth contribution to a Popular thread was scarcely about the single in question at all. A Scottish commenter tossed in a snipe at another band I like (who happen to be Scottish), I posted a stout defence in reply, and it turned into a long back-and-forth about accents, authenticity, cartoon versions of our home countries, and cultural cringes. The comments below are edited from almost twice as many words of mine alone, and the joins aren’t seamless, but I hope they make some sort of sense. I wanted to hang onto them here, anyway, and as they’re already several weeks old I’d better post them now.

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Rosehip Jelly

In our communal garden last weekend. Mouseover for more.

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Real People

Ed Miliband becoming leader of the Labour party has crystallized some thoughts rolling around in my head lately on popular cynicism about young “career politicians”, which has been a feature of political whinging for a decade or more now. Or rather, this comment in the Metafilter thread about Miliband’s victory has crystallized them:

The guy has been an MP for a whole 5 f—ing years. Doesn’t this fill anyone with dread? I f—ing hate professional politicians. The leader of each of the main UK parties is nothing more than a political wonk.

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Another photo from our night of camping in Duloch, just because.

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We went camping on the weekend, across the firth from Edinburgh: a chance to collect sticks, tromp in the mud, cook pancakes over an open fire and take some photos. Crackle, crackle.

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