Tweet Nothings, Part 7

You know the drill. More Twitter archiving (with some excluded), full of nothing in particular.

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That is the Question

To insist that we’re never to split
An infinitive makes you a git.
How does Hamlet’s line go?
“To go boldly”... no, no:
It’s “to be or to not be”, that’s it.

5 August 2010 · Whatever

Before This Damage is Done

My CD of Arcade Fire’s new album has finally arrived, two days after MP3 buyers were able to snap it up for a few quid on Amazon. I’m still glad to have gone for the disk, though, and not just because of a 40-something attachment to physical objects and floor-to-ceiling shelves. When iPods all have 2 terabytes of flash memory I’ll be able to re-rip all my CDs to lossless and have portable music that doesn’t sound washed out in the loud parts, and where will everyone else be with their 128kbps AAC files then, eh? Not re-listening to albums they bought twenty years ago for a rush of nostalgia for the Australian summer, I expect, so they won’t really care; but then most kids haven’t yet experienced the powerful connection between music and nostalgia. Arcade Fire fans, though—us kids know.

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