Off-Street Parking

Drummond Street, Edinburgh, 23 June 2010. Mouseover for a better sense of what had happened. Amazingly, no railings seem to have been bent sideways in the process.

26 June 2010 · UK Culture

For this Popular comments repost, I’m rewinding briefly to a 1987 hit before looping back in time to 1988. Two science-fiction-TV-inspired novelty hits that couldn’t be further apart.

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I’ve managed to miss an entire year from my Popular reposts. Although I commented here and there on a few of 1987’s UK number ones, I rated none of them highly enough at the time to buy the singles or related albums, and only the Pet Shop Boys and M/A/R/R/S inspire any music-ownership desires today. 1987 for me meant Midnight Oil’s Diesel and Dust, new albums from the Hoodoo Gurus and Spy vs Spy (two more Australian acts), Def Leppard’s Hysteria, and my ambivalent feelings towards The Joshua Tree. A long way from Popular’s year, then. But 1988 is turning out to be a little more interesting...

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Canon Rebels

A slightly modified version of a comment posted to FreakyTrigger’s canon discussion in March, which I meant to post here but didn’t get around to at the time.

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Tweet Nothings, Part 6

Normal service—or whatever normal was before my life got insanely busy—will resume soon. Meanwhile, here’s more Twitter archiving (most course-related tweets excluded), starring the Digital Economy Bill, the general election, and more.

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