A few more Popular comments preserved for the archives. I’ll be more selective about what I repost here this year, as I’m not saying much in some of the threads there now.

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The Law of Gravity

The law of gravity
Was noticed by Newton
When, under an apple tree,
His noodle got fruit on.

10 February 2010 · Whatever

The Conversation

Raaaak raaaak raaaaaak
White Beach, Tasmania, December 2009

7 February 2010 · Travel

Better Take Cover

Men at Work have just lost a case brought by Larrikin Music, a song publisher who bought the copyright of “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree” from the Australian Girl Guides in 1990 and in July 2009 claimed that the flute riff in “Down Under” plagiarised it. Colin Hay and Ron Strykert are now facing a payout of up to sixty percent of their writers’ earnings from the song, depending on the judge’s final ruling.

Writing songs with a mate down under,
Looked around for some riffs to plunder.
Said to him, “Do you think we’ll risk it?”
He just smiled and handed me a Girl Guide biscuit.

And I said, “Ohhh! ‘Kookaburra’ is huge down under,
And one man’s ‘quote’ is a judge’s ‘blunder’.
Can’t you hear the reporters thunder?
We better run, we better take cover.”

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