This blog used to host a stream of posts about my travels, but now there’s barely a trickle—not through lack of travel (although that’s been part of it), but through lack of time to write it up. This has been my busiest semester of teaching yet, not to mention the rest, and everything else has had to go on hold. I’m still sorting out photos from a visit to Australia in December-January, and now a brief trip to hang out with friends in their family holiday home in Spain has turned into something much bigger, thanks to a Certain Volcano. Even though thousands of others are no doubt doing the same—and those who weren’t affected are no doubt bored with the whole subject—I’m determined to write it up. If I let such (mis)adventure go unrecorded I may as well shut up shop here for good.

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Raaaak raaaak raaaaaak
White Beach, Tasmania, December 2009

7 February 2010

Travel in 2009