Christmas Cheer

Christmas time is here once more,
With frosty, freshly-fallen snow,
And figgy pud, and chocolate log...

Except upon our British shore,
Where Father Christmas might not show
Because his flight’s delayed in fog.

I’ve been overcome by end-of-year lethargy after a semester of writing and delivering a course of my own for the very first time (before this they’ve all been other people’s). It was a great experience, but a lot of work; because it was taught entirely online I ended up writing about sixty thousand words over the eleven weeks of teaching, and there’s even more to mark. Hence the relative lack of words here.

Despite this, I had vague plans of repeating the review countdown of a couple of years ago, which remains the high-point of my end-of-year-lists habit... but it looks like I won’t even get a simplified version done before Christmas. So it’ll have to be before the new year instead, same as every other blogger/journalist/person-with-an-opinion on earth.

But be of good cheer! There are new limericks to read if you haven’t taken a look at those lately; and I found some more stuff the other day, just when I was thinking about retiring that area; and you can always look at those Islay photos over and over again, like I have been. That hielan coo photie is like looking in a mirror.

As for me, I’ll be slaving over a hot list, ready for Boxing Day through Hogmanay. See you then.

Sing Ho, Ho, Ho for Christmas time!
There’s really such a lot to eat,
And everyone likes getting stuff.

Sing snow, snow, snow, internal rhyme!
Look out your window in defeat,
Because there isn’t any. Tough.

23 December 2006 · Site News

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