Found on High School Wynd

Passport Photo

Found on High School Wynd in Edinburgh, 15 December 2006. This photo and the one below (with the same girl) lay next to each other on the corner of High School Yards.

Friends in a Photo Booth

A few feet away was this 4x6 of a happy little chap in the happy little chap's favourite environment: a cardboard box.

Baby in a Box

Was this ghostly passport photo his dad?

Faded Passport Photo

Or was this next one his mum? I didn't have time to investigate as I snatched it up from the gutter, because the street-sweeping machine was coming up the hill.

Passport Photo

Lying just through a locked gate down the wynd was this one...

Passport Photo

...and its companion, which I wangled out with a twig.

Passport Photo

Quite the haul.

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