Ed posted about these Mentos and Diet Coke videos on 3 June after spotting them at Mefi. My timestamps on the downloaded files are 12.07 and 12.13 p.m. GMT the next day.

Yesterday they turned up in Metro, and this morning they were on Radio 4’s Today programme (slow news day, eh?).

Where x = respectable news programme, y = populist freebie newspaper, and z = weblogs, each representing date of breaking news:

(x + y)/2 – z = 11.5 days

Where a = smart-arse post at pointing out how slow the traditional news media were:

a – (x + y)/2 = 0.5 days

And a' = smart-arse post at which also conveniently links to the original videos, thereby hoping for added “you may not have seen this” value:

a' – z = –12 days

16 June 2006 · Whatever

I had nothing to do with it, I assure you!

Added by ed on 16 June 2006.

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