The whole of the world understands
That this leader has blood on his hands.
His butcherly reign
Is completely insane,
Yet we cavil and meet his demands.

He is butcherly, yes, it is true,
But his knives were all sharpened by you.
You sold him the swords
That reaped his rewards;
You’d sell our own lives for him too?

Appeasement can never suffice
When a butcher is waiting to slice
Out the heart of our land!
You just don’t understand.
What the monster has planned isn’t nice.

But to topple him, you would see dead
Half the very same people he’s bled!
And would ruin the lives
Of the half that survives—
How does that mean we end up ahead?

International diplomacy’s rough.
All this talking and talking—enough!
We’ve whipped up the storm;
Now it’s time to perform.
If you whiners don’t like it, then tough.

So, this war of yours—how is it going?
Any sign of which way the wind’s blowing?
With the butcher in jail,
You can’t possibly fail!
By the way, your electrodes are showing.

The reign of the tyrant has ceased,
And the threat to our land has decreased.
Yes, some blood has been shed,
And a few lost their head,
But we’re free of the butcher, at least.

Some would say the distinction’s unclear.
True, you met your first goal, but I fear
That you mustn’t have reckoned
You needed a second.
You’ve still got an abattoir here.

So it goes, as our masters entreat
Us to look for new foes to defeat.
When they fasten their gaze
On our enemies’ ways,
Either way, someone ends up as meat.

15 June 2006 · Politics

i meant to comment on this yesterday... fanbloodytastic :) (i'm sure i had more insightful comment then)

Added by shauna on 16 June 2006.

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