Christmas Cracker

Even Christmas crackers are hip to the Intarweb!!!0!0!!

Enjoy the eating, drinking and merriment, and I’ll see you on the other side.

21 December 2005 · Whatever

Who Are You?

Back in March I mentioned a paper I’d just given at a conference, which then became a journal submission, then six months later became a revised accepted submission, and now is a preprint sitting right here: Who Are You? Weblogs and Academic Identity (a sequel to the one from two years ago). A shame I can’t include the image-heavy slideshow that went with it, but David Bowie’s agent wouldn’t be pleased.

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In the beginning timbl created the browsers and the Web. Then timbl said, “Let there be blog”; and there was blog.

Cute Overload. It’s March of the Penguins to the power of infinity!

Hel Looks, in the fine tradition of Fruits. (Thanks, Shauna.)

“There is enough waste cooking oil in the UK to meet a 380th of our demand for road transport fuel. Beyond that, the trouble begins.”

The Greatest Internet Moments, give or take a few.

Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds.

10, 9, 8...

After the past few months of complete noneventness hereabouts, I have no right to expect anyone to care what I liked reading/viewing/hearing in 2005, but I do have the right to shout loudly in this empty hall of a blog and admire the echoes. Unfortunately, I can’t repeat last year’s list extravaganza, but you might still find something new here.

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Darth GullAs everyone knows, one of the best things about blogging is the dialogue it opens up between reader and author, either via comments or, in the case of more sensitive or private subjects, via email. The last entry proved to be no exception, raising an especially significant question for one Australian reader, who emailed yours truly for reassurance. That question being: “HOW FUCKING BIG ARE THE SEAGULLS IN BRITAIN?”

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So, I’m back from the all-stops tour of Oz for a week, and just as I’m sorting through my photos and thoughts to write a few words about it here, the place hits the news in an extremely ugly way. (How’s my timing? When I was getting my thoughts on Spain together in 2004, the Madrid bombs went off; now this.)

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