Who Are You?

Back in March I mentioned a paper I’d just given at a conference, which then became a journal submission, then six months later became a revised accepted submission, and now is a preprint sitting right here: Who Are You? Weblogs and Academic Identity (a sequel to the one from two years ago). A shame I can’t include the image-heavy slideshow that went with it, but David Bowie’s agent wouldn’t be pleased.

Something else that’s taken a while to reach fruition, but will soon, is my new job: from January I’ll be working on a new Masters of E-Learning being offered at the University of Edinburgh from September 2006, developing the technical side and teaching a course on E-Learning, Politics and Society. Of course, first I have to write the course. Still, it looks pretty good, judging from the outline... that I also wrote. But don’t take my word for it: sign up for the degree and judge for yourself. It’s being taught entirely online in the first year.

I might have to turn this blog into some kind of behind-the-scenes development journal, if it isn’t to die the death between now and next December.

21 December 2005 · Net Culture

Hey dude, that's great! Sounds like an interesting course. Is that in the Education department or elsewhere? Am a bit out of the loop on eLearning - have been on maternity leave too long ;) - but will take a gander, could be interesting! Would be interesting to see the development on your journal, if that's a geeky thing to ask ;) Oh, and Happy New Year by the way!

Added by jen on 19 January 2006.