102 Damnations

The inevitable sequel: a selection of spammers’ names collected over the past six months.



You Are Where?

Last November I gave a seminar about building an online presence as an academic. I didn’t post the talk here right away, because there was a chance of getting it into print at the time; but that didn’t end up happening, and now I’d want to re-work the whole thing before trying again. It still has value in its original form, though, and given the rapidly changing nature of the field it loses that value the longer it sits neglected, so today I’m putting it online.



The Ranting Rabbit

An old friend of mine has finally decided to join us here in We-blo-gland. His site, Blithering Bunny, will be “full of reactionary, free-market ravings, but also some skeptical stuff”. Not exactly the politics of yours truly (not that yours truly has written about politics for a while), but it should be entertaining in a P.J. O’Rourke kind of way:

It’s totalitarianism I’m fighting, whether that takes the form of Stalin, Hilter, Ron Vibbentropp, the VC of this Uni, old ladies who are slow in the supermarket queue, people with beards, people who annoy me in some way, I’ll have them all damn well shot!



101 Damnations

Names on emails caught by my spam filter over the past 18 months.