Send in the Clones

Jane and I caught the 27 over to New Town this afternoon to meet a friend for coffee, climbing up to the top deck as usual and sitting at the front. Somewhere around Princes Street a mother got on with her two kids of four or five and sat in the seats opposite. The girl chattered away to her, while the boy started performing infant calisthenics in the front seat.

“Hold onto the bar, Rory,” said his mum.

Jane and I smiled to each other. “Hold onto the bar, Rory,” she parrotted under her breath. I dutifully complied.

The bus wandered down the hill through New Town. Four-year-old Rory levered himself up on the orange rail and pressed his face against the glass, rolling his eyes in exaggerated boredom.

After a moment he turned in excitement to his sister, shaking her by the shoulder and pointing out the window:

“Jane! Look at the bus!”


We saw this on the way back.

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mwahhaha.... mini jane and rory! how bizarre. classic sign, too.

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