I’ve been drawing some single-panel gags for the first time in three years, experimenting with taking pencil sketches straight to scanner and Photoshop rather than inking them first. Here’s a six-pack of the results. (Warning: obscure and tasteless literary and historical allusions ahead.)


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#3 is easily the best. Not a new joke, but beautifully executed.

Marvellous work all, though.

Added by Paul on a Thursday in August.

Thanks, Paul. After I drew it I had my suspicions about the joke and googled only to find that it’s not a special snowflake, but I liked the drawing so much I couldn’t bear to leave it out.

Apparently Woody Allen also did a ‘Proustian rush’ joke in Stardust Memories (which I haven’t seen), dammit. The curse of every cartoonist...

Added by Rory on a Friday in August.