News in Brief

PARIS, mercredi 25 août—Tall red-haired bloke and delightful companion seen cavorting along Boulevard Montparnasse après-midi. Repeat sightings jeudi-dimanche à Notre Dame, Tour Eiffel, le Louvre, etc. First photos available at Detail, with more to come.

EDINBURGH, Monday 30 August—North Bridge and Cockburn Street are scaffolding-free for the first time in living memory (i.e. since 30 July 2001). Everything looks strangely clean and spacious.

TOLLCROSS, Monday 30 August—The stupid bloody council has removed all the bus shelters where I change buses, leaving only signs on poles. What’s going to happen when it rains? Everyone’s going to crowd into the Blockbuster shopfront, that’s what.

OUR FLAT, Tuesday 31 August—listened to the Finn Brothers’ Everyone is Here properly for the first time. Excellent. Shame I don’t review records here much any more...

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Isn't it just. (EIH). Roll on October... :)

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