The Stand-Up by Rory Ewins



When a would-be comedian going nowhere fast meets university student Sean, and Sean meets Alan’s girlfriend Kath, it’s a recipe for stand-up comedy, unrequited love and hero-worshipping heartache, with a side-order of aeroplanes, sulfuric acid, Corroboree Frogs and big Dogs.

A Novel

But it’s more than that... it’s a web novel. A webvel. A weevil. A wobble. With pictures and sounds and stuff. (A wobble. I like that. Hey, it’s no sillier than “movie”. And it suggests something of the web’s shimmering, changing form...)


As in “for mature audiences”. There’s the occasional rude word; a lot of it deals indirectly with sex (in a repressed sort of way); and there are one or two passages of toilet humour (literally). If you’re a sensitive child, you may be happier visiting another site, and if you’re a sensitive adult, you have been warned.


Please don’t rip it off. You can quote from the text for review purposes, but please include a link to the main page (or give its address) if you do.


Jane. With thanks to Scott Campbell, James Bachman, and Three Men and a Penguin.

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