The Stand-Up by Rory Ewins


Although I’m responsible for most of The Stand-Up, there are a few bits and pieces that I didn’t do...

The Music

All music was composed and performed by Rohan Firminger, recorded by Jane and Rory Ewins, and edited and produced by R.E.

The Photos

Two photos at “The Stand-Up is...” (of Scott Campbell, 1997, and James Bachman, 1993) are by Jane Ewins, while one (of Three Men & a Penguin, 1992) is by an unknown UK photographer. The guitar-playing photo in Chapter Three is by Jane Ewins, as are the night photograph of King’s Avenue Bridge, Canberra, in Chapter Five, and the photo of a goat and sheep in Chapter Nine.

Other Bits

In Chapter Four, the lyrics to “The Number of the Beast” are from the song and album of the same name by Iron Maiden; copyright 1982 Zomba Music (used by permission). Lyrics to “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”: traditional.

In Chapters Five and Six, the samples of stand-up were performed by R.E. at The Spectacle, Hobart, as part of the Tasmanian Open Stand-Up Finals in May 1998. Recorded by Peter Cox for ABC radio 7ZR, and edited by R.E.

Copyright in the elements mentioned above remains with the original creators or owners.

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