Rory Central

A personal site is hardly personal if there’s nothing about the person on it, so here you go.

My name is Rory Ewins. I was born and raised in Tasmania, and spent several years in Australia’s capital, Canberra. I’ve also lived in the US, New Zealand and England; nowadays my family and I live in Edinburgh. My graduate studies were on political theory and Pacific islands politics; I’ve also written a novel, drawn a bunch of cartoons, performed a bit of comedy, and made a lot of web pages.

For the full Freudian mind-probe, try these reminiscences.

Call Me Rory: On having an unusual name.

The Purge: The stupidest thing I did as a kid.

TV Kid: Watching television in the ’70s.

Trimming the Tree: On Christmas trees, hedges, and the local tip.

Of Mutton and Men: Where sheep are nervous.

Dover Bay: A piece from 1990, remembering Tasmania just before I left it.

The Fade: On leaving home.

Remains in the Sand: Earliest memories.

Home: Saying goodbye.

There are many more memories in the blog.