A House Full of Bees

Berthe Morisot comes into her own (via Mefi). I’ve seen a few of Morisot’s paintings in galleries, and they were always as good as the other Impressionist canvases around them; I guess I assumed that she hadn’t painted much, and that that was why there weren’t more on show. Learning that “an astounding proportion of [her] most important work” is still in private hands explains a lot, and sexism would explain the rest—what’s the bet that even some of her paintings in public collections are sitting in storage rather than being on display. It’s good to learn that her peers were so supportive of her work, and celebrated it after her death—the fault lies with posterity, but fortunately that can change.

What do we do with the art of monstrous men?

Grandpa was a Nazi.

The black-owned studios that thrived next to Hollywood.

Falling in love with a foreigner is about to make life difficult for most Brits.

Britain’s richest ten percent don’t think they’re wealthy.

The myth of panic. The article’s penultimate sentence says it all. (Via Mefi.)

How Covid-19’s symptoms have changed with each new variant.

Where the world’s rivers go (posted to Mefi). I was going to quibble with his classifications of Australia to point out that he’d omitted the Southern Ocean, until I discovered that my home country has its own bespoke definition of it. Still, nobody can convince me that the rivers on Tasmania’s west coast drain into the Indian Ocean.

The crazy nastyass honey badger.

12 February 2024 · Art