Roll, Roll, Roll

For random reasons, I was reading up the other day on the glorious Aussie fast food that was and is the Chiko Roll. The Chiko is effectively a supersized spring roll, filled with a mixture of cabbage, barley, beef or mutton (not, as the name might lead you to expect, chicken), carrot, onion, green beans and celery, all partially pulped into a tasty grey mush and encased in a pastry thick enough to withstand being eaten one-handed at a footy match. They used to be everywhere in the ’70s and ’80s, but with changing tastes over the decades, and the wider availability of more appealing lunch options, the Chiko Roll has become harder to find—I’ve tried and failed on recent visits home.

It’s still around, though, and the company is doing a great line in retro-’70s marketing, by the look of it:

The Chiko Roll handy holder.

Roll home with a Chiko.

How not to make Chiko Rolls—they don’t have chicken in them! Come on!

How to make Chiko Rolls.

The recipe. You’d better believe I’m going to try to make some.

17 September 2023 · Food