Roll, Roll, Roll

For random reasons, I was reading up the other day on the glorious Aussie fast food that was and is the Chiko Roll. The Chiko is effectively a supersized spring roll, filled with a mixture of cabbage, barley, beef or mutton (not, as the name might lead you to expect, chicken), carrot, onion, green beans and celery, all partially pulped into a tasty grey mush and encased in a pastry thick enough to withstand being eaten one-handed at a footy match. They used to be everywhere in the ’70s and ’80s, but with changing tastes over the decades, and the wider availability of more appealing lunch options, the Chiko Roll has become harder to find—I’ve tried and failed on recent visits home.

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17 September 2023 · Food

The Dutch Boy’s Lead Party

“D-D-T is good for me-e-e!”

The forgotten end of World War II. A forgotten horror of World War II. How ordinary Jews stood against Nazi persecution—it’s not every day your longheld assumptions about a historical period you think you know about get overturned so dramatically.

On distraction.

The shadowy global network vilifying climate protesters.

A new accent forms in Antarctica.

17 September 2023 · Weblog

In Lieu of an Explanation

I hadn’t intended to go a month between posts, but on the personal front the past month has been about as disrupted and depressing as they come, and the knock-on effects on everything else I’m meant to be doing haven’t been good, to say the least. When the time is right, I might write about it here… or I might not. There’s too much else I need to write and do.

17 September 2023 · Journal

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