Murals and Museums

A few weekends ago I popped over to Glasgow on the train to catch up with my cousin, who was in town for a while. It was the first time I’d passed through Queen Street station since its revamp, thanks to the pandemic, although I drove my son to the outskirts of the city last year for a concert. It meant I was able to appreciate some of the new murals that have sprung up around Merchant City in recent years, as I walked to the Cathedral to meet my cousin. I’d never been inside the Cathedral, either; it’s impressively mediaeval for such a Victorian city.

The next day, with sunnier weather, we made our way to Glasgow University to visit the Hunterian, which I hadn’t seen in twenty years. It’s a great collection, and is apparently about to move from its beautiful current home to a big warehouse near Kelvingrove, so it was probably my last chance to see the real thing. (Why the move? Not every museum has to be a big modern spectacular. Opening an extension and keeping its current space as well would surely make more sense.)

As usual, I took a bunch of photos; rather than add them to last year’s retrospective galleries I thought I’d put them here, with a single photo from last December’s visit to the outskirts tacked on the end.

Glasgow Queen Street
The revamped Glasgow Queen Street.

3 August 2023 · Journal