Attention: The Train!

Safety on the railway in Latvia is no laughing matter. This stop-motion animation produced by Animācijas Brigāde features their long-running characters the Rescue Team (it’s all great, but the best is at the very end). Fancy a trip to London, Greece, or Pisa? Or a spot of Latvian history?

Or how about the history of Animācijas Brigāde itself, founded in 1966 and still going strong. The studio follows in a long tradition of Soviet-era animation; here’s Bum i Piramidon, a 1969 short by their founder Arnold Burovs. Burovs’ Ki-Ki-Ri-Gu (The Cockerel, 1966) was the first Latvian animated film; he released his last, The Game of Life, in 1990 at the age of 75. Tiger the Cat (1967) blends stop-motion, drawn animation and live action. More examples of his work include Mad Dauka (1968), Cosette (1978), Little Hawk (1978) and Daddy (1986).

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19 March 2023 · Weblog