Taste of the Tasman

My two weeks on the Tasman Peninsula over Christmas was the longest I’d spent there in years, particularly in the southern summer. It yielded twice the usual number of photos, which means it’s time for not one but three new galleries at Detail.

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28 January 2023 · Site News

Poison Paradise

After a year off, Popular has returned, and has reached one of my favourite number ones of the 2000s—it’s a few years until my next 10 out of 10, and I missed commenting on the last one, so it’s worth marking the moment.

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27 January 2023 · Music

Tiny Shapes

Britain’s winter of discontent. The UK government is tearing up our freedoms.

Why Covid gaslighting by politicians is so dangerous. Nature on Long Covid. Covid is pro-thrombotic. How to make a DIY air filter with a box fan.

Exxon knew.

Lost knowledge.

Asking five-year-olds for AI art prompts. Possibly the worst ever ChatGPT answer. “Writing a good song … is an act of self-murder that destroys all one has strived to produce in the past.”

Why write a novel, why read a novel, and why now?

22 January 2023 · Weblog

Interview with the Vampire

Getting ChatGPT to write for you is all the rage nowadays, so I asked it to “write a blog post in a conversational style about starting the new year after returning to Edinburgh from Australia, and referring to a photo you took from a window seat on a flight over northeast USA at night”. Here’s what it burped out…

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22 January 2023 · Art

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