New Year, Old Links

Happy new year (we hope). The theme this year is chains, as befitting this restricted time, from a set of photos of a giant rusty chain that I took in Shetland and hadn’t found a use for yet. Tune in every month for a new lump of iron.

I had three or four entries I wanted to write before the end of 2021, which now hang over me in 2022, but I’ll park those for now to get this new design in place with some good old… links.

A hundred ways to slightly improve your life without really trying. How to put your worst habits to good use. Embracing your messy, imperfect life.

Animal names used as verbs in different languages.

Get your PhD from the University of Facebook.


Luftwaffle. Selectively remembering a war that few alive today experienced remains a favourite British pastime. Meanwhile, in the wake of the actual war, Britain secretly deported Chinese merchant seamen, leaving their wives and children wondering where they had gone. Horrifying and shameful.

The American polity is cracked, and might collapse. A view from the north.

Covid-19 can lead to diabetes. Because of course it can.

9 January 2022 · Site News