That Was the Blog That Was

With hours left to go in the day, month, year and decade, there’s no time to wrap up the many other aspects of the year or indeed decade that I might have covered, so it’s one last post in this format before everything changes in 2020.

I’ve been rolling these posts by hand since late November, but tomorrow I’ll try my luck with a shift to WordPress, crossing my fingers that I can preserve the other WordPress blog on this site in the process. I’d hoped to post one more Detail gallery before the end of the month, too, and to write some thoughts about The Rise of Skywalker, which I saw a week after its release, but those will have to wait for 2020.

With much of my old stamping ground on the other side of the world currently on fire, and my current stamping ground staring into the flames of a post-Brexit February, there’s not much hope of a happy new year, but nevertheless, I hope 2020 is a better one for you and yours.

Here are some links to clear the decks, not all of them grim.

Trump got his wall after all.

Digital democracy will face its greatest test in 2020. That uplifting tweet you just shared? A Russian troll sent it.

The reality of China’s prison camp network and its Orwellian use of AI.

Climate tipping points are closer than we think. Much closer.

A paralyzed man walks again.

Uplifting. Amazing.

31 December 2019 · Site News