Over the Cliff
There’ll be bulldozers over/The White Cliffs of Dover...

Minister hints that the Tories could crack down on tactical voting campaigns. Vote tactically while you still can.

“A victory for [Johnson’s] campaign will be a mandate for the most poisonous form of politics we’ve seen in this country in our lifetime.”

It is just about possible, for one day more at least, to imagine a Britain that is spared the lunacy of Brexit, and a Labour party no longer in thrall to Corbyn. But the combination defies electoral probability. Those of us who wish for it must be reconciled to a darker prospect. We live with the undertow of sadness and dread. We are braced for that feeling, like seeing callous hands rummaging in a private drawer where a delicate, tangled identity is stored and pulling at the threads. It feels like exile.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve actively wished for a hung parliament.

11 December 2019 · Politics