Defender Act

Johnson has learned the wrong lessons about leadership from his predecessors.

The man behind Britain’s chaos.

Playing with fire.

Spinning out of control.

The arrival of Trumpian Britain.

How did we get here? Slowly, over forty years.

English people living in Wales tilted it towards Brexit. The researcher also debunks other referendum myths:

Most of the UK’s leave votes did come not from the north of England but the south, with the highest numbers in areas populated with affluent older people, such as Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon ... “Everyone blames Wigan and Stoke for Brexit but we should really be blaming Cornwall and Devon.”

A useful corrective when it comes to the North, but we shouldn’t throw Cornwall and Devon under the bus for the same reasons as Wales—there are a lot of retirees from the South East in the South West. Singling out particular regions feels too simplistic, in any case. Even in remainier-than-thou Edinburgh, three in ten voters wanted Brexit in 2016, and Scotland’s million Leave voters would have swung the entire UK if they’d voted Remain. Wherever you are, it’s like being in They Live: that harmless-seeming soul in Tesco could be the very person calling you a traitor on Twitter.

27 September 2019 · Politics