Getting Rid of Red Tape

It’s been another extraordinary few weeks for Britain and Brexit, with a chemical attack on British soil, revelations about data breaches, and a transition agreement that does nothing except hide inherent contraditions and postpone difficult decisions until after we’ve left the EU and lost all bargaining power or any way back from this mess.

Deliberate disregard for basic negotiating principles will come back to haunt the government.

Grayling’s fantasy Brexit plan would make trade deals impossible.

The passport and fishing rows expose the lies and contradictions of Brexit.

Eight reasons we ended up in this mess.

The millions left marooned by Brexit. Good thing we’re getting rid of red tape, eh.

Russia will keep attacking Britain unless Brexit meddling is handled. Russia wants to remind its intelligence officers that betraying the Kremlin is treacherous.

Brexit poses a bigger threat to the legitimacy of our political institutions than attempts to reverse it.

Stopping Brexit is the right thing to do, but it will still hurt.

As for the Irish border mess, Sky News reported that the government has been asking some UK businesses to sign agreements that include plans not to enforce a customs border if no Brexit deal is reached. Are they really happy to forgo all customs duty? That was £3.359 billion’s worth in 2016/17. What’s £65 million a week between friends?

Nothing to Declare

26 March 2018 · Politics

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