Brexit Is

Google reads the room...

Brexit is...

Marina Hyde was excellent as always on the Boris Bridge. Clearly, Brexiteers need a bridge they can symbolically blow up.

More Brexiteer symbolism: the Sun’s Bye-EU Tapestry. Full of typical distortion, such as suggesting that Johnson and Gove celebrated on 24 June 2016 rather than going deathly pale and wondering what they’d done. James O’Brien’s take.

All that’s left for May to get through is the unyielding wall of reality.

Brexit will cause loss of influence on scale of 1970s.

While Brexiteers wave their blue passports with pride, the sensible lot will be hiding it with shame.

Alan Partridge vs Malcolm Tucker: The great big Brexit grudge match.

The referendum campaigns revisited.

Everything you need to know about the Brexit endgame in five minutes.

21 January 2018 · Politics

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