It’s too long since I’ve had a new photo gallery here, so here’s an easy one to (re-)start with: some photos of spring blossoms and cow parsley, taken in and around the Meadows in Edinburgh over the past few weeks.

7 June 2016

Hopped It

Tidbinbilla kangaroos, ACT, July 2015

Gunna visit the mob. Seeya.

10 February 2016


A stab at a revamp of the archives page. A work in progress.

3 February 2016 · 3 Comments

To Be Continued

My posting-every-day resolution may well fall at the thirtieth hurdle. I’m visiting friends over the weekend, and don’t want to spend our time together hovering over a keyboard. Queueing up posts in advance goes against the spirit of it, too. So... we’ll see.

29 January 2016 · 1 Comment

Holding Pattern

Nothing exciting to post today. There’s been a bit more design reworking going on behind the scenes, but mostly it’s another January weekend of catching up on marking.

23 January 2016


For the sixteenth time, I’ve been marking a bunch of weblogs from students taking our course An Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning (which I’ve taught on twice a year since 2007, apart from a break in 2009). It occurs to me that I should turn our assessment criteria on myself.

Read More · 20 January 2016


A new design at last, remixing elements of all the designs from 2003 onwards. Not my initial concept, but I might work on that for next year. Still a bit more tinkering to be done to get everything just so, but this’ll do for now.

16 January 2016 · 2 Comments

I Am Altering the Deal

Rather than keep creating new Bowie-related entries, I’ve been adding comments to the ones already posted, and in my infinite wisdom have decided that these count as adding something new to the blog every day. So there’s no need for a new post today. Apart from this one.

That is the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

15 January 2016

A busy week has slowed down my tinkering with the redesign here, but I have managed to convert the blog’s index page template to HTML5, after a decade and a half of using XHTML. Turned out that half the tags on the old templates were deprecated anyway.

It should mean that the next design can be more than an incremental change on the last one.

7 January 2016 · 1 Comment

A Table of Bread

Plans for new posts went on hold today while I tinkered with possible new designs; the aqua banner above isn’t it, but may end up being it if I spend too long pursuing redesign dead-ends. Meanwhile, I’ve made a table of bread to index the 2015 archives, a fitting end to my first full year of bread-baking.

2 January 2016 · 1 Comment

Tw-tw-tw-tw-twenty Sixteen

Happy new year! I haven’t come up with a new banner for the blog yet, but I have resolved to post something here every day (again) for as long as I can last, although without the arbitrary word target of the last time I tried it. A burst of blogging every leap year seems fitting—like the Olympics, but without the collective gaze of millions.

Back with something more exciting tomorrow. Possibly even a banner.

1 January 2016

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