The open thread on Blackstar at Pushing Ahead of the Dame, with first reactions to the news. Their memorial thread. Thread at FreakyTrigger.

My David Bowie, alive forever. Something happened on the day he died.

How Bowie delivered his final message. “He thought it honourable to become invisible.”

Talking with Jeremy Paxman about music and the internet in 2000. Unaired 60 Minutes interviews from 2003. His virtual world from 1998 that some fans never left.

“A new focus for the vague, predatory, escapist reveries of the alienated young.”

Blackstar is sounding more amazing each listen. Blows away The Next Day and a lot of other post-1980 Bowie besides.

12 January 2016 · People

When I saw the last link a couple of days ago, I was annoyed with the New Statesman for using the strapline “The feelings David Bowie aroused will vanish along with the fashion built around him, argued Martin Amis in 1973”, because by taking it out of context they made Amis say the exact opposite of what he seems to have meant:

“Bowie does appear to be a new focus for the vague, predatory, escapist reveries of the alienated young. Although Bowie himself is unlikely to last long as a cult, it is hard to believe that the feelings he has aroused or aggravated will vanish along with the fashion built round him.”

He still figured Bowie would be a flash in the pan, though. Indeed, when rewatching the “Blackstar” video afterwards, I suspected the moment where Bowie thumbs his nose at the camera while singing “I’m a flash in the pan” was his message to Amis and others who similarly wrote him off in the early days.

Added by Rory on 14 January 2016.

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