Mining for Rags

Compulsive decluttering.

The mansplaining of Taylor Swift.

An atlas depicting every colour imaginable.

The stranger and the ring.

Permanent Holiday. Wait for the bit around the four-minute mark.

A tumor stole his memory. Then it all came back. Most amazing story I’ve read this year.

Bitcoin mining “adds to the demand for coal-fired power ... slowing the pace at which fossil fuels can be phased out”.

The genius of The Great British Bake Off.

“Believe me, I’ve faced worse than tablespoonfuls of cinnamon during my life.”

Has a victim’s brother solved the Lockerbie bombing?

“I thought I had lost my daughter. I think I aged 10 years.”

The death and life of a British pub.

Mining for 100-year-old jeans.

14 October 2015 · Weblog

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