We Accidentally Replaced Your Heart With a Baked Potato

Reheating carbs makes them act more like fibre.

Engkey, the robot English teacher from South Korea.

A six-hour comedy sketch posing as an animated airline ad.

Isaac Asimov on creativity.

Beslan massacre families urge the UK not to leave the ECHR.

UKIP's own goal: support for the EU at its highest in 23 years.

The man with the golden blood.

Predicting the future of evolution.

27 October 2014 · Weblog

After mentioning in my last entry on the late Gough Whitlam that I once interviewed him for my student mag, I dug out the interview to remind myself how it went. Even though it’s about the fleeting events of the day, I thought I’d scan it and share it here.

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Gough Whitlam shaped my life more than any other politician. His government’s investment in higher education meant my father got a pay rise and our family could afford the house I grew up in from the age of five. The introduction of equal pay for women meant that Mum’s wages were on a par with Dad’s throughout my teenage years, which was tremendously important for our family finances and for the message it sent to her two sons. I was one of the last to benefit from a free higher education as an undergraduate, during the 15-year window of opportunity his government opened in 1974. Because of Whitlam, I was able to vote in my state election in 1986 and the federal election in 1987, three years earlier than I otherwise could have, and was able to vote for senators when I later lived in the ACT. I grew up singing “Advance Australia Fair” at school, not “God Save the Queen”.

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Okay, You Can Keep the Rock

Neill Cameron of The Phoenix on why reading comics matters. Makes me wish for some way back to cheap-paper black-and-white comics with four-colour covers. Also part two, the (new) golden age of children’s comics.

Anil Dash: 15 lessons from 15 years of blogging.

Ebola swamps a city in Sierra Leone.

The Thread.

Lego Tarkus.

How flash photography changed American politics.

E.T. is ready for his closeup.

A solar cell that stores its own power.

Trouble at the Koolaid Point [Wired mirror].

Unseen Moon footage.

11 October 2014 · Weblog

A tragicomic day in the life of a walrus.

We Are All Together

2 October 2014 · Events

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