A tragicomic day in the life of a walrus.

We Are All Together

2 October 2014

Exponential Crisis

Ebola makes you a risk to yourself: “Throughout my time in Sierra Leone I was plunged into a state of hyper-awareness about my own body and that of every person around me.”

Dr James Appel’s blog about his volunteer work in Liberia is sobering reading (via Mefi).

Estimating the fatality of the current outbreak: more like 80-85% than the reported 50-55%. Just as deadly as previous outbreaks, then. Surviving isn’t like tossing heads rather than tails, it’s rolling a six on the first try.

Fresh graves point to undercount of Ebola toll.

Up to 1.4 million people could be infected by January.

24 September 2014

The Not Zone

I wish I’d never read The Hot Zone, and could remain sanguine about what’s happening in West Africa. As if there hasn’t been enough bad news lately, with MH17, Gaza, Ferguson, Robin Williams’s death, and another volcano rumbling in Iceland. But even against that competition, accounts like these aren’t easy reading:

Mob destroys Ebola centre in Liberia two days after it opens.

Haunting images from Liberia.

Laurie Garrett’s grim analysis.

“Help! Help! We are drowning in the sea of Ebola.”

22 August 2014

For a Limited Time Only

Climate change refugees are evacuating their island homes.

Rising CO2 is causing the nutritional content of crops to fall.

The chance that climate change is not manmade is 0.01 percent.

Life on the tar sands.

The spectacular fall in the cost of solar power.

Mitigation is a bargain, but for a limited time only.

All the water on earth.

If all the ice melts, these will be our maps.

23 April 2014

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