Doom Loops

Hoverbikes: up, up, and away.

The secret German scheme to invade America before the First World War.

A citizen’s income would make Britain fairer. I remember favouring this idea back in the 1980s, when nobody ever mentioned it; good to see it getting some traction now. [Edit: And according to the Radio 4 evening news, it’s now Green Party policy.]

The strange and curious tale of the Maine phantom.

Dramatic reading of YouTube comments from a One Direction video.

Mary Beard takes on her sexist detractors.

Crappy crappy joy joy.

Fantastic break by Röyksopp and Robyn at 1:48 in the “Sayit” video (2:28 in the song proper).

A sorry fate for one of the better long-haul airlines.

The procrastination doom loop.

Three children injured as tornado hits their tent. Poor kids. Glad we weren’t camping further south that weekend.

5 September 2014 · Weblog