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On Edinburgh’s Royal Mile last week.

27 April 2014 · Whatever

The Gospel According to Kermit

How to solve iOS battery drain.

Smartphone batteries that charge in 30 seconds.

How Biz Stone faked his way into Google. I remember his “genius” schtick. Now I feel old.

Adrian Mole’s last diary.

Muppet Christ Superstar.

Daily Mail headlines replaced with user comments.

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky (via io9).

23 April 2014 · Weblog

For a Limited Time Only

Climate change refugees are evacuating their island homes.

Rising CO2 is causing the nutritional content of crops to fall.

The chance that climate change is not manmade is 0.01 percent.

Life on the tar sands.

The spectacular fall in the cost of solar power.

Mitigation is a bargain, but for a limited time only.

All the water on earth.

If all the ice melts, these will be our maps.

23 April 2014 · Weblog

Lo! The Flat Hills of My Homepage

The death of Sue Townsend hits hard. I was fourteen in 1982 and had started my own diary that year, so was an eager audience for the first Adrian Mole book. I’ve been reading them ever since, as each new one appeared: a kind of fictional 7 Up series, but featuring my peers, albeit as seen by an elder. It helped that they contained some of the best comic writing around: funny, cutting, warm, wise.

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Popular galloped through 1997 in just over two months, which is some sort of track record. I wasn’t expecting to like as many of the year’s UK number ones as I did—over half of them, in the end. Here are my more substantial comments on the year’s closing hits.

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Some of my weightier musical thoughts from meaty Popular threads, as its canter through 1997 continued.

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