Well this wasn’t what I was expecting to do last night.

Eddie Izzard at the Brunton

Twenty-two years since I first saw him perform “Wolves” on a TV benefit gig, and I’d never seen him live—and now I have. Not on a distant Wembley stage seen from the back row, but standing about three metres away, performing an impromptu gig in front of an audience of four hundred.

Very, very funny. One of those performers whose flights of insanity as he riffs off ad libs are as funny as his prepared material. Virgin sacrifice, British colonials, high-pitched leaders, dressage, a call-back to a certain pasta-themed bit... all great stuff. The scheduled 60-80 minutes stretched past two hours, and we would happily have stayed for more.

Many thanks to Andy for scoring me a ticket.

21 October 2013

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