Royal Mile during the Fringe, August 2012
Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, 7 August 2012. Yes, 2012, even though that sky is suspiciously blue.

It’s six years since I’ve done anything substantial in the way of Fringe reviewing here, mostly because it’s six years since we’ve done anything substantial in the way of Fringe-going. Since W. was born we’ve got along to a few shows a year at most, and as my blogging was on the wane anyway it didn’t seem worth writing about them here. Or if it did (like the excellent kids’ comedy show by Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown last year), other things got in the way.

But I’ve managed to spend three Tuesday nights in a row getting along to stuff this year, and as the blog is a going concern again I really have no excuse. So here we go.

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Darkness, une très amusant webcomic (or, more accurately, webbandesdesinee) written and drawn in 26 hours [via Mefi].

Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses. Also: The Kiss. Also: Next Time on Lonny. [Mefi again.]

Box Canvas Print of Paul Ross at Amazon. For the comments.

3 February 2012

Comedy in 2009