Skirting the Issue

It’s well past time I got this blog moving again. I would blame pressures of work, except that the issue until a few weeks ago was actually skirting:

New skirting board in our attic

Twenty-three metres of it, to be exact. Buying and priming and painting and fitting all of that took a while. Then there was the gloss painting of handrails and railings, painting of staircase walls, and other extended DIY that only fitted around work and family life with difficulty, all compressed into as few weeks as possible so that we could host two rounds of family visitors in the guest beds in our new upstairs room. Lots of late nights and lost weekends.

Meanwhile, our new attic windows were giving us unexpected views of the Pentlands, unexpectedly looking like this for an unexpectedly long time:

View from our attic window

My parents came to visit for the Easter school holidays, and at the end of their stay I travelled with them for a few days to their next port of call, which I’ll try to write about soon. This past weekend I took W. down to London to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (given that he is Now Six), and next week I’ll be away again briefly for work. As usual, finding time to write here at the sort of length I used to is impossible, so I’m sort of writing here instead.

17 April 2013 · Journal