Grand Designs

Integral House, Toronto. Paid for by maths textbooks.

The Manifesto House, Chile. Made from the most important object in the global economy [via Mefi].

China’s grand historian.

Tim O’Reilly on the Clothesline Paradox.

An interview with Philip Gourevitch on Rwanda and Syria.

The Swedish serial killer who never was.

Stewart Lee on university funding and the arts.

Why so many old pianos are dumped.

Simple ways to protect your privacy while browsing.

Carving the creepiest pumpkin ever.

27 October 2012 · Weblog


In amongst not posting daily to the blog, I’ve been not getting through all the photos I’ve been wanting to select for posting here and elsewhere. At least I sorted out a five-month backlog of family photos—just before we went away last week for half-term and generated a new one.

As a small nod to all that behind-the-scenes activity, here’s a photo from Charleton Fruit Farm near Montrose at the end of July, a pick-your-own place where we enjoyed a brief burst of sun.


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Whenever I get an email from 38 Degrees I inevitably think of 43 Folders. They should combine forces. 38 Degrees of Folders: the angle at which an avalanche of paperwork happens.

25 October 2012 · Whatever

Don’t Mention the War

The Torture of Bradley Manning.

How the BBC betrayed the NHS.

The BlackBerry typo that landed a man in jail.

The Music Industry’s New Math.

Shop owner to change its unfortunate name.

Terrible taxidermy.

Going to Australia.

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum (1939).

9 October 2012 · Weblog

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