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17 December 2012


In amongst not posting daily to the blog, I’ve been not getting through all the photos I’ve been wanting to select for posting here and elsewhere. At least I sorted out a five-month backlog of family photos—just before we went away last week for half-term and generated a new one.

As a small nod to all that behind-the-scenes activity, here’s a photo from Charleton Fruit Farm near Montrose at the end of July, a pick-your-own place where we enjoyed a brief burst of sun.


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The Incredible Shrinking Drive

Three hard-drives, 2002 to 2012

Even after three decades of using computers, this kind of thing continues to amaze me.

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Paper Playin’

I’ve been playing with Paper on the iPad, which is a fun toy and has potential (if they add a few features, like a colour picker, and being able to duplicate pages to use as a basic history function), but really needs a stylus. Unfortunately these aren’t available yet (and I don’t have an iPad 3), but I’ve ordered another kind and will see how it goes.

14 April 2012

Computer Support 101

I’ve been hanging on to my six-year-old iMac, a PowerPC G5, for as long as possible, but it’s so slow that it’s like an old terminal, with visible lags between each letter as I type. Partly that’s because there are only six gigs free on the hard-disk at the moment, but I clear out a chunk every now and then and it doesn’t make much difference. I could put up with it until upgrading my work machine a year ago, but dissatisfaction with relative levels of performance gets me every time. Maybe I need to downgrade the work Mac to a Performa.

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Infotech in 2003