Nikola Tesla’s letterhead was a thing of beauty.

England as seen by Americans.

A Conversation With My 12-Year-Old Self deserves the buzz it’s been getting.

One young man’s tribute to Trololo.

The IRL Fetish.

I doubt I’ll ever read Finnegans Wake, but Michael Chabon’s account of doing so is a great read.

Tantalising glimpses of Sibelius’s 8th Symphony, which maybe, just maybe, could emerge one day. Forget shoring up Nokia, all Finland’s efforts should be focused on this.

Jimmy Wales on when to use Wikipedia as a source.

Running a desktop computer apparently costs twenty times as much as charging an iPad. But of course there are things iPads can’t run, such as Flash. Fortunately, you can do anything on your iPad at HTML5 ZOMBO.COM.

Depressing news: an invasive plant is killing wombats. First koalas, then Tassie devils, and now this. Before long Australia will be down to Eastern greys and tiger snakes.

15 July 2012 · Weblog