Now that the saga of our drive back to Scotland from Spain in 2010 is complete, I can at last post this gallery of photos to accompany it, which I put together months ago but couldn’t post without telling its full story:

Volcano Days

The castle in that photo is at Sagunt/Sagunto, just north of Valencia where the road turns inland. One of many castles we drove past at speed that I would have loved to see properly, and by far the biggest. Here’s a shot of its eastern end:

Sagunt Castle

And here are the instalments of the volcano saga, in handy list form:

  1. The Fatal Text (and Volcanoes in Literature)
  2. Unfortunate Statistics (and Murcia)
  3. Escape Route
  4. The First 550
  5. Basquing (and Baaaasque)
  6. La Belle France
  7. Home Stretch

But that’s not all. Here’s our route from Pinoso to San Sebastián at Google Maps, although it needs an additional tweak or two around Tudela to avoid motorway tolls. Then there’s our route from San Sebastián to Paris via Beaugency. And finally, London to Edinburgh via the M1 and A1.

29 February 2012 · Travel

One last postscript. We did get some money out of our insurers, but because of the £50 excess applied per person and per claim it was much less than it could have been. EasyJet also came through (after three months) with flight refunds and compensation payments for food and accommodation. In the end, we were about five hundred quid out of pocket instead of two thousand. Could have been worse, then, and at least we got a story out of it.

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