Intellectual Property for Beginners

William is going through a toy car phase, which from my own experience will last eleven years. He tracks down his “tiny cars” as soon as he wakes up, clutches them to his chest all day, and resists attempts to prise them out of his hands with cries of “MINE car!”, so we have to wait until he’s asleep. Getting him to sleep is a challenge again, though, because now after lights-out the wall next to his bed becomes an impromptu racetrack for the next hour.

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This has taken far too many snatched hours to put together, but the photos were too good to let languish. In February we visited Alberta for a wedding, and were lucky enough to have clear weather for the drive from Calgary to Jasper via the Icefields Parkway, past spectacular mountains and glaciers. Other highlights were an ice-walk into the frozen Maligne Canyon, like a limestone cave but made of ice and outdoors; driving through near-whiteout conditions on Highway 16 to Edmonton (coming soon to a gaming console near you); and enjoying the frost and snow at –20°C. All captured here, with bonus elk.

13 April 2009 · x4 · Travel

Two New Nursery Rhymes

I’ve been reading old ones to the little guy, but how many times is he going to encounter pudding strings and haycocks?

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