Season's Greetings

A bit of a low-key end to a low-key year. I'd planned to do some sort of round-up of 2009 before the calendar flipped over, but it'll have to wait; been too busy enjoying the beaches on the other side of the world. Eight and a half years in Edinburgh, and I was away for its only white Christmas in all that time! Season's greetings, indeed. (Scottish pun which nobody else will get.)

Wherever you are, I hope 2010 brings you far too many good things.

28 December 2009

Am I Hot or Not?


Gorgie City Farm, Edinburgh, on Saturday. Phew, what a scorcher.

6 July 2009 · x2

This has been our alarm clock for the past week:

HA wa WONDAH WHAT-choo ahh
Twingkoo TWINGKOO LITT-ul stah
HA wa WON-dah whatchoo ahhh.

I think he’s onto something. “Like a Laika in the sky” is a much better line.

16 May 2009 · x2

Intellectual Property for Beginners

William is going through a toy car phase, which from my own experience will last eleven years. He tracks down his “tiny cars” as soon as he wakes up, clutches them to his chest all day, and resists attempts to prise them out of his hands with cries of “MINE car!”, so we have to wait until he’s asleep. Getting him to sleep is a challenge again, though, because now after lights-out the wall next to his bed becomes an impromptu racetrack for the next hour.

Read More · 23 April 2009

A Local Year

More photos from the year-long absence. These are from around Edinburgh.

2 February 2009 · x1

New Year

My new year’s resolution was to write more, here, there, and everywhere. So naturally, instead of writing here, I’ve spent all my evenings over the past week sorting through the photos I took last year and didn’t post because I wasn’t writing here. These are the most recent and relevant, with older ones to come. Happy new year, and may the frosts of recession never crack and craze your calm surface.

8 January 2009

Journal in 2007