Be Her Elk Sin

Pages of Photoshop retouching are always a bit scary, even when they’re subtle (not too many where she actually changes their shape; it’s mostly skin-smoothing), but some are scarier than others.

Amazing demo of content-aware image resizing (full paper, cache) with some disturbing implications for the photographer’s art and the historical record, but still. (Via Mefi.)

Iceland photos.

Garden macros.

Type the sky.

Unfortunately placed ads.

Building a Bender. I’d be happy just with the remote.

More on iTunes playlists: save a smart playlist as static; sync albums to your iPod, not just tracks (and an app that does it for you); and how to rescue music from your iPod.

Charlie Brooker on Scrabulous. I’ve been sucked into that vortex too, but the time between turns soon gets frustrating.

Inverted world.

Not the end of the world.

Holding a program in one’s head—or an essay, or a story, or a long blog post.

The entry I’ve been meaning to write, yet so much better!

24 August 2007 · Weblog

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