Speedysnail is the personal website of Rory Ewins, who meanders aimlessly in the weblog. Its archives date back to shortly after the Cambrian Explosion.

If you like images, try the photos in Detail, the random gatherings at Found, and the stripped and panelled Cartoon Lounge.

Beyond the blog, the site is home to a comic novel, The Stand-Up, and a large collection of Limericks; the vise vords of Dr Komputor and the classic rants of Grinding Noises; the tubular ramblings of The Twisted Bell; and the pre-blog writings of Textuary.

There’s also a range of academic writing: several papers on Pacific Islands Politics; essays on political thought at In Theory; a paper on International Moves Against Apartheid; and two papers on weblogs and cyberspace, You Are Where? and Who Are You?

If you like what you find and would like to talk about it, feel free to contact me. And if you’d like to know more about E-Learning, Politics and Society, take a look at the new online MSc in E-learning at the University of Edinburgh, where I’ll be running that very course from September to December 2006.

Go on, try anything...